Friday, October 9, 2015

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Dragon Tarot Card Reading of the day for December 11 2013 is the Ace of Swords reversed.

The tarot card of the day is: ACE OF SWORDS Reversed. This card is reversed showing that you are not ready or willing to have a breakthrough.

What I see in the card today is: You know that things have to change but not how or even why they have to change.  You see that other people are trying to get you to make changes but you resent it, and feel why do I have to be one the one to change.  Why do I have to give up things, or change my life to make others happy.  Why does it have to be, why can't other people make some changes.  It makes sense to you that things need to change but it does not mean you expect the change to have to come from you.  Well to be blunt, you cannot make others change.  The only person who you can control is you.  So if you want change you have to make the changes, even if it is simply what you are willing to accept, how much time you spend with others and how you treat others and let others treat you.  The change has to start some place, and the logical place is with you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Dragon Tarot Card Reading for December 10 2013 is the Five of Coins Reversed.

The Dragon Tarot Card of the day is: FIVE OF COINS Reversed. This tarot card is reversed indicating there are no unforeseen expenses.

What I see in the tarot card today is: You have a very good grasp on your finances.  You understand money is not always going to be there when you need it.  You plan and budget, that way you don't get nasty surprises.  You have planned for the unexpected as well as the known expenses.  However, you find it hard to live in the day, or day by day because you are always having to look at the big picture so that you can be on top of things all the time.  It can be exhausting and time consuming.  It would be nice for once to just do something for the fun of it or just because you feel like it without worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow.  The truth is, you can enjoy today because you have planned, you did put the time and effort into making sure you have control and have some security.   Enjoy this, because many others do not.  They wish they were more like you, and able to think ahead and well make sure you have what you need when you need it.

Dragon Tarot Card Reading of the day for December 9 2013 is the two of cups reversed

The dragon tarot card of the day is: TWO OF CUPS Reversed. This tarot card reversed indicating a lack of change in relationships or a lack of relationships.

What I see in the tarot card today is:You are tired of giving and giving and other people taking and taking.  You are emotionally tired, drained and just empty.  You have nothing more to give emotionally.  You just don't have the energy to stand up to the people using you.  So you just keep letting them do it and there is nothing left for you.  This is not fun, or a good way to live.  You need someone to fulfill you, to make you feel whole, complete, special, valued, appreciated.  But you just don't have the strength or energy to find new people, or invest in more positive relationships.  You need to find someway to change this.  Learn to say no, walk away or at least take some time for yourself (even if it means locking the bathroom door so the kids don't follow you in.)  You will enjoy life more if you start giving yourself some time, put effort into yourself not others all the time.  Yes you still need to do the everyday things, but take the time to do something you like, or just breath, even if it is just 5 minute it will help.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dragon tarot card reading of the day for December 8 2013 is the six of coins reversed

The Dragon Tarot Card of the day is: SIX OF COINS Reversed. This tarot card is  reversed indicating a reluctance to be generous, even though there is a need.

What I see in the tarot card today is: Get your head out of your butt and look around.  There are people in need, real need all around you.  Yes some have their hands out asking for things, but most are so ashamed about being in this position, worrying about keeping a roof over their heads, feeding their kids that they don't want anyone to know.  They are trying so hard to keep their family fed that expensive Christmas gifts are not what they want, they need food, clothing and a helping hand.  What they want is a job, a way to take care of their family.

So what if you know for a fact that there are some people who don't need a thing are asking for help.  There are so many who desperately need the help and are afraid to ask.  Look for that family, the ones with little to no food in their shopping carts.  The ones with the desperate look in their eyes, or look like they are going to cry as they look at food, milk and diapers that they simply cannot afford no matter how much they need them.  Those are the people you need to help.  For some people even $10, a bag of milk or a box of diapers would make a world of difference.

Donate to the food banks, or the toy drives.  Give your used clothing to clothing exchanges or homeless shelters.  Use freecycle or the many Facebook pages to give away what you don't need or want anymore.  Heck if you want to sell some of it really cheap so you don't feel like you are giving it away, and they don't feel like they are taking charity.  At times you have to stop worrying about those who will take advantage, and simply trust that you are helping those who are in great need.  If you don't want to help out one person, one family then donate what you can to the food banks or toy drives.  Even a little given by many will make a difference. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Dragon Tarot Card Reading for December 7 2013 is the seven of coins

The dragon tarot card of the day is: SEVEN OF COINS. This card is about hard work, but approaching your harvesting time.

What I see in this card today is: You have put some time and effort into getting where you want to be.  You are approaching the completion of this project or effort.  You anticipate a reward or positive outcome.  It is something you look forward to, being able to put your feet up, relax and look back at what you have accomplished.  This card is a reminder card letting you know that you are almost there, keep the focus and put that extra effort into it.  Don't start relaxing or looking back now, you still have a ways to go.  It is also a warning that there is a deadline approaching, you do not have unlimited time to invest into this.  The end of this activity is coming soon, even if yo are not ready.  So understand you will find the end, and will "harvest" what you put into it.  If you did your best, worked hard and did what you needed to you will get the harvest you anticipate.  If you wasted time, did not put the effort into it or let things slid the harvest you will see is probably not anything like what you wanted.  Much like life, what you put into this determines what you get out of it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The dragon tarot card reading for December 6 2013 is the Ace of Coins

The Tarot Card of the day is: ACE OF COINS. This tarot card is about a new doorway opening up, work wise.

What I see in this tarot card today is: Even in this economy there are job opportunities, not a lot but some.  They may not be what you are interested in.  For some you may see them as being beneath you, both your skill lever and social standing.  You have a choice, take what is available and use it to live until you can find a job you actually want.  Or you can sit back and wait for the perfect job, one that was made just for you.

The reality is that you will be waiting a long, long time for that perfect job and it will probably go to someone who has been working the not so great jobs until this one came along before it would go to the person who was to "good" to work at other jobs.  Unless you are independently wealthy you are going to have to take the jobs that you don't like to get the jobs you do.  Don't turn  your nose up at hard work, and probably low pay because it is better than not having a job.  It is a step on the long path to the job you want.  You may never get the job you really want, but you may get the job you need to live and these days sometimes that is the best you are going to get.  Always strive to improve your life, try to get the better job but don't walk away from a job hoping that the job you want will suddenly appear and that you would get it over the hundreds of others all applying for the same job.  Don't hold yourself back.  That not so great job may become the reason why you got the better job.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dragon tarot card reading of the day December 5 2013 is The Tower

The Dragon tarot card of the day is:  THE TOWER. This card is about the need to establish very strong foundations in life.

What I see in the card today is: Hold tight what you have but carefully and with love. Today is about building and strengthening not risking, taking for granted or even being oblivious of what you have in your life.  Everyday we should appreciate those in our lives and make sure they know they are special, today it is even more important to do so.  Embrace your life, even the difficulties and hardships, today.  Don't look at what you don't have or want, instead take a really good look at what you have in your life, and see it, really see everything.  You need to take the time to strengthen the bonds and show appreciation, because what you have in your life today is the building block for what you will have tomorrow and far into the future.

If you don't appreciate what you have today, you will not appreciate or be happy with what you have in the future.  Nothing will ever be enough, or good enough because you will always be focused on what you don't have, not what you do.

Also your future is only going to be as strong as your today, so you need to build and invest into your life today, not into what might be there tomorrow.  Invest into what you actually have, and understand what you do today, what you invest today builds a stepping stone for where you want to be tomorrow.  If you don't build that path of positive stepping stones where will you be in the future, still trying to get some place or something instead of realizing that you were on the path all along but did not take the time to notice what you had and where it would take you.  Today show your love and appreciation for everything, the people in your life, your job, or job opportunities, your home, or even just having a bed to sleep on tonight.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4 2013 Dragon Tarot Card of the Day is the Lovers

The Tarot Card of the day is: THE LOVERS. This tarot card is about intensity in relationships.

What I see in the tarot card today is: Your emotional responses and attachments are going to be stronger then usual today.  You need to be aware of this.  You will seem extra or supper sensitive to others, responding stronger than what you normally do,or the situation warrants.  People may interpret this as you are being moody, or having exaggerated responses to normal every day life stuff.  Because of this you are responding stronger emotionally for both good and bad.  If you likes something or someone you are more likely to respond positively.  So if you are attracted to someone you are more likely to respond to any overtures from that person.  If you don't like someone you are more likely to have a very strong negative response to their very presence.  You are more likely to blow up, loose your temper or say nasty things.

You need to try and keep this internal, your control is limited today and you are very likely to say or do something you will regret tomorrow.  Just because you feel this way today, you probably will not tomorrow.  Or at least you will have better control tomorrow and will not show how you really feel.  You don't want to blow up on your boss and loose your job, or scream at your child for doing something that normally would not bother you very much.

Even when you have positive feelings toward someone it is not always good to be too obvious.  For example it is okay to like someone and go out for coffee as a friend or possible relationship. However  you don't usually want people to know you find someone attractive if you work with them, they are in a relationship or you are.  That can make things very awkward.  You also don't want to let some people know how much you despise or resent them.  People like your boss, or the person who just got the job you wanted because of who they know or are related too, or  your brother in law that you wish would move to the other side of the world.  At times keeping our real feelings under control keeps the peace.  Not saying be a door mat and let people use or abuse you, just try not to over react today and do something you would not normally do because you still need to deal with these people tomorrow.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day December 3 2013 Eight of Wands

The Dragon Tarot Card of the day is: EIGHT OF WANDS. This tarot card is about things around you speeding up.

What I see in the tarot card today is: There is to much to do and not enough time to get any of it done, let alone all of it.  At least as long as you try to do it all and on your own.  As much passion, drive and even fire you have there is still a limit to your strength, abilities and the time you have to get things done.  There is a need to pick and chose what is the most important to accomplish today.  It could be a task, a goal or even an idea but you have to concentrate on one thing at a time, not trying to do everything at once.  What is most important to you today, getting through a list of things or completing one thing really well.  Life goes fast, make the time to enjoy it.

I like to say that jobs/chores (even shopping) is never done, and for the most part it is not a big issue if something (like dusting) gets missed for a day.  However people and relationships are fragile and fleeting, it is more important to stop what you think you need to do or accomplish today and see what parts of life you are missing.  Don't put off playing with your daughter or son, or making that call to a friend or even your family.  Time goes by extremely fast, so instead of trying to do everything take the time to do something special like having a tea party with your children, or a snow ball fight, or a cup of coffee with a friend.  don't let the fact that things are speeding up make you miss out on real life, as you try to get everything done.  Put down the cell phone or close the computer and look around you.  What do you see.  A lot of people staring at a screen, missing out on so many things.  When they look back they will have spent their time on a phone or computer and not with real people, actually doing things, connecting and building memories.