Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dragon tarot card reading of the day December 5 2013 is The Tower

The Dragon tarot card of the day is:  THE TOWER. This card is about the need to establish very strong foundations in life.

What I see in the card today is: Hold tight what you have but carefully and with love. Today is about building and strengthening not risking, taking for granted or even being oblivious of what you have in your life.  Everyday we should appreciate those in our lives and make sure they know they are special, today it is even more important to do so.  Embrace your life, even the difficulties and hardships, today.  Don't look at what you don't have or want, instead take a really good look at what you have in your life, and see it, really see everything.  You need to take the time to strengthen the bonds and show appreciation, because what you have in your life today is the building block for what you will have tomorrow and far into the future.

If you don't appreciate what you have today, you will not appreciate or be happy with what you have in the future.  Nothing will ever be enough, or good enough because you will always be focused on what you don't have, not what you do.

Also your future is only going to be as strong as your today, so you need to build and invest into your life today, not into what might be there tomorrow.  Invest into what you actually have, and understand what you do today, what you invest today builds a stepping stone for where you want to be tomorrow.  If you don't build that path of positive stepping stones where will you be in the future, still trying to get some place or something instead of realizing that you were on the path all along but did not take the time to notice what you had and where it would take you.  Today show your love and appreciation for everything, the people in your life, your job, or job opportunities, your home, or even just having a bed to sleep on tonight.  

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