Thursday, June 14, 2007

How I got my Dragon Tarot Cards

I love doing dragon tarot readings. I have an interesting story about how I ended up with my deck. I went to the one and only “occult specialty store” in our town. Why, because back then that was about the only place you could get tarot cards. So in I go, and ask right away where the cards are. The lady behind the counter points to an area of the store. So I go look, there is a glass display filling the wall, I look in, don’t see any cards, look at the shelves around it, no cards. I think ok, and start looking around the whole store. I cannot find any cards. I go back to the lady behind the counter and ask again. She again points to the same area, I look, no cards. I go through the store 3 times more, ask 3 times more. You can tell the lady behind the counter has had it with me. Like, what is my issue, why do I keep bugging her? She points one last time and said, “They are right there”. I go back to the area, still cannot see any cards. However, this time when I look at the bookshelf I see the Dragon Tarot book. I pick it up and know that this is the deck for me. I turn around and that big wall size glass display was full of tarot cards, 100’s of cards. I think that it was a very strange day, but a cool story. Now the one thing that did bug me was as I was paying for my cards I noticed an open binder at the counter, with all the tarot cards in it so people could take a good look at the cards. All that time I was looking the lady at the counter never once said any thing about this binder. That’s life. I still love my deck; I have been using them since the early 90’s. They are so warn now that I had to buy some new ones. Same deck mind you. I ordered them on line this time. It is so much easer to buy tarot cards now.