Friday, March 7, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 9 2008

THE HIEROPHANT Reversed. This card is about being stuck in tradition and being unable to keep up with the times. What I see in the card today is: You are letting how things are supposed to be control your life. You are letting what could of, should of take over your thoughts instead of dealing with what actually happened and where you are in life now. You live in yesterday and dreams of what today would have been like. You are missing what you actually have today for what you lost in the past. Deal with it or you will never have anything because you just don’t see anything but your past.

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 8 2008

THE TOWER. This card is about the need to establish very strong foundations in life. What I see in the card today is: You have to make sure that any plans you are working on are built on real foundations, not just dreams or a hand shake deal. Right now you must make sure things are in writing, and an independent lawyer that has your best interest in mind looks over every thing. It is worth the money to make sure your butt is covered, and that things are the way they are suppose to be. You need to know exactly what you are getting into. Do not hold back on checking out peoples past, and make sure they are who they say they are. Use a detective if you have to, but take the time and the money to protect yourself. You cannot afford to get involved in a scam or anything illegal or get taken advantage of. You need to be careful about this for the next few months, possibly the next 6 months. Don’t be too trusting right now, no matter how long you have known someone.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 7 2008

QUEEN OF WANDS. This card is about a woman of leadership. What I see in the card today is: You are a very strong woman who expects people to follow your lead. It has always been that way for you. You seem to be able to inspire peoples passions for a cause. You expect to be treated as a leader and command respect because you have never had it any other way. You expect people to go to far away places on your behalf and follow your example. You have a strong religious believe that gives you your strength. However it is not Christen but a much older religion, more in touch with nature. You have the power to create havoc and harm but choose to go a less radical approach to accomplish your desirers. Words are your weapons, as is red tape. You control with out being seen or compromised. It is a good thing that you are a businesswoman who believes in helping those who are helpless to help themselves. Protecting children is a good calling no matter what God or God’s you follow. The world would be better with more people like you who believe in saving a life instead of condemning a belief.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 6 2008

EIGHT OF COINS Reversed. This card usually means the craftsman at work and abilities being demonstrated. As this card is reversed it means abilities not being demonstrated, and craftsman not at work. What I see in the card today is: You just don’t have the ability to do what you want. You have the dream but not the talent. It is not anything against you and you do have some talent, but not enough to do your dream. You need to understand that the people who keep telling you this are not trying to hold you back, they are trying to stop you from wasting your time and getting hurt in the long run. They care about you and are trying to be true to you. Don’t turn your back on them just because they have the guts to tell you something you don’t want to hear. They are truer friends then those who tell you what you want to hear. It does not mean you have to give up doing what you love, just understand it will always be a love and a hobby, not a career and lifestyle. You are good, just not great. You enjoy doing, so don’t stop, but get a day job.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 5 2008

PAGE OF COINS reversed. This card is usually about wanting to change your line of work or take on more responsibility. As this card is reversed it about wanting a break. What I see in this card today is: That you are finding that having more responsibility is not what you though it would be like. It is not that much fun being held responsible for other peoples actions and performances. Especially when those same people expect you to treat them special and let them get away with things simply because you are friends. Real friends would not place you in the awkward position of trying to do your job or be their friend. For now you have to try and deal with things and it is not where you want to be. So now you cannot go back to the way things were, you either have to make people listen and respect you or loose your job. Either way, you are about to loose some people as friends, not that they were real friends. There has to be a balance between who you were at your old position and who you need to be at your new position. It is not going to be fun for you.

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for March 4 2008

ACE OF COINS. This card is about a new doorway opening up work-wise. What I see in the card today is: You have an opportunity but you don’t see it because you are looking in the wrong area. Stop looking at what you have done and where you have been for new openings. You need to look in a different area or direction. The opportunity is there, waiting for you, but you are missing it. You need to realise that it is there before it is gone. It is only going to be there for a very short time more. It has actually been there for a while but you have not noticed it. Your past is not where you need to be looking. I would hate to have you realise the opportunity you had after it is gone. Please stop and take a look around you and what work opportunities are actually there, not the ones you have had, or think your career path should be. Snap this up before it is gone. In plain speak: it is right in front of you stop looking behind you because your going to be kicking yourself for missing this once it is gone.