Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 14 2008

FIVE OF WANDS. This card means Challenge for others and to old fast to your resolve. What I see in the card today: There are two people in your life how are either trying to take on their burdens and worries, or to get you to resolve or fix their problems, or to do what they want all the time. They place overwhelming burdens on you, your time, energy and money. They tend to do this a lot. They are always trying to get you to do things for them. You have finally realized that this is not good for you and is holding you back from succeeding in your life. So you trying to stay out of their issues and they keep trying to pull you back in. This card is telling you to do what is best for you and don’t give in.

I am seeing this as a life issue not a day-to-day issue. I say this because the card was showing this as being in your work life and social life. It kept flipping between the two. I see someone, or two people, are dumping their work on you, or are not doing their part and expecting you to pick up the slack. I also see it as two people who are constantly turning to you for advice on every thing, and never listen to you, they expect you to pick them up, drive them around or go where they want to go and don’t seem to care what you want to do. You also tend to bail them out of money problems all the time.

You find that you try to help someone and the next thing you know you are being sucked into their lives and problems and are giving up too much. They become to rely on you and then just expect you to fix things, or always be there. I am not saying don’t be nice anymore, just put some boundaries up and take care of yourself first.

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 13 2008

EIGHT OF COINS. This card is all about the craftsman at work and abilities being demonstrated. What I am getting from this card today: You are good at what you do and know it. You have been putting all your time and energy into being creative and trying to be successful. Despite the fact that there are three people telling you that you cannot do it. These people don’t believe in you or your talents, or they think that you cannot make a living doing this no matter how good you are. They are wrong. However the three people tend to nitpick at everything you do, they will never be happy with what you do or how successful you are. You will never be able to please them, they will always find something wrong and they will never change. Don’t let them hold you back. You are just now starting to have you abilities recognized and will be starting to get the monetary reward as well as being able to do something you love.

You just need to hear that you are doing the right thing from someone even though you know in your hart you are. It can be very difficult to not let people telling you that, “your not going to make it” every day affect you, no matter how much success you are seeing and how much you love what you are doing. Have that inner strength and believe in yourself.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 12 2008

THE HIGH PRIESTESS Reversed. This card is normally associated with being in tune with your inner-self having belief with in yourself. A person with this card would have great instinct and intuition. As the card is reversed it means superstitious and deluded.

Today what I see in this card: I see wanting something so much that you believe things are going to go your way no matter what life throws at you. You do not want to see the truth, so you delude yourself. You have disconnected to that part every one has that tells you when something is not right. Your intuition and instincts are still there but you will not listen to them when they contradict what you want. You are putting every thing into the wrong pot and it is not that you cannot see it, but that you will not see it. This is so strong that you will not see yourself in this card but your friends and family will.

You are holding yourself back with a dream that is not even yours; it is just an expectation that you have put on yourself. It is almost as if you believe that you will not succeed in life unless you reach this one goal. The truth is you cannot grow and learn and therefore succeed if you are not willing to let go and find the right path for yourself, not one that you just think you need to follow. You have no balance in your life, and are completely disconnected from nature.
Dieing to be skinny is not a joke and money is only paper if you don’t have any thing else in your life. The card seems to be talking about two problems that are really the same problem, perception and expectations we place on ourselves and how it distorts our lives.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 11 2008

PAGE OF WANDS Reversed. Normally this card means learning and traveling. However this card is reversed so you will be relying on what you already know, but at the same time you maybe turning your back on new knowledge and techniques. That would be rejecting change and growth. It is good that you have abilities and knowledge that you can rely on but you need to understand the way other people do things. That does not mean you need to change just don’t reject things or methods because it is not done the same as you would do it. In some ways you have lost your passion, and are in a bit of a rut; looking back, not forward.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 10 2008

ACE OF CUPS. This card represents emotional fulfillment. What I see is that today the emotional fulfillment is found from giving, not receiving. There are two people being nurtured or supported by you with two others, younger are some how being helped through what you are doing. It seems to be a family unit being helped by you, two adults or near adults and two children. You are giving them what they need to be strengthened and carry on. The emotional fulfillment is from being useful, needed, assisting others and making a difference. This is a positive action on your part.

Plain speaking I see you providing sustenance, food or a way to get food for a family in need. They may be friends, family or just people who are in need. Doing this makes you feel good about yourself and that you are able to help others, you also feel appreciated and needed.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 09 2008

TWO OF SWORDS reversed. This card would normally indicate indecision. However because it is reversed it means a decision has been made, but you are not ready to act on it. Even though you know staying where you are is hurting you. It has more to do with hope that you will not have to act on the decision, but that things around you will change. That bubble of hope is all that keeps you there. You are hanging on to what you know because it gives you something to hold. You would rather stay with what you have then risk the unknown, even though you know you need to make some changes in your life. Let go of what hurts and move on. You need to re-establish some balance in your life.