Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for June 1 2008

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE Reversed. This card is about exaggerated expectations. What I see in the card today is: You think that you can do no wrong, that every door is open to you. This is not reality. Just because you want something does not mean you will get it. You need to work for what you want.

You may have been handed things growing up because of your family and looks but that is not the way things are now. You are expected to hold your own, and your family, friends and looks don’t mean anything where you are now. What you do and how you do it does. You have to understand that you are responsible for you and those around you.

Wake-up and understand reality. You are not all you think you are. You do need others, you are dependent on what they do as they are dependent on you. In other words Get your head out of your butt and start doing your part, take care of your responsibilities. Stop expecting others to take care of everything for you, and avoidance is not going to make problems or issues go away.

Clean your own mess, do your job, pay your bills, take responsibility for your actions now, today, this minute. You are not going to like what happens if you don’t. You will lose everything you do have if you don’t and you will have no one but yourself to blame. But I am sure that if you don’t start making changes today, and take responsibility for yourself, you will try to blame all your difficulties and hardships on someone else. Why, because if you don’t start taking responsibility for your actions now, you never will. Your failures and difficulties will, in your mind, always be someone else’s fault.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 31 2008

KNIGHT OF CUPS. This card is about an emotionally sensitive man. What I see in the card today is: That you have had some hard times over the last few years and have some harder times coming up. You grew up to fast and became the caregiver to those around you. You never got to be a kid. The good part of this is that you are a strong and caring man.

At the same time though it is as if your life has been interrupted. You have never been given the chance to do what you dream of or be the person you want be. You always have to give up things for those you care for. You are protective of them and will do what it takes to take care of them and keep them safe.

You do resent at times that you have never been able to follow your dreams because you always put their need first. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Things are going to be getting harder money wise and even though you though that you were going to be able to the time is not now.

Eventually things will change and you will have your chance, but not today or any time soon. Please know that you are a wonderful person and when you do look back you will see that your sacrifice will have been worth it. Try not to get so frustrated by the way things are now, or become to resentful of not being able to live your dreams now.

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 30 2008

SIX OF COINS. This card is all about wanting to be generous, but the need to be more discriminating. What I see in the card today is: That you need to keep a balance. It is to easy for you to be generous in your time, money, energy and focus. You have to work at keep the balance so that you are not putting all your time, money, energy and focus dealing with and helping out others. You need to keep some for yourself. You have already burned out once and have been taken advantage of to many times to count.

You have finally recognized the imbalance and made changes to correct it so that you are taking care of you and yours, not everyone else. You have had to learn to say NO, and to put yourself ahead of others. Now you have to balance that so you don’t go back to giving everything to everyone else, and at the same time stay whom you are. You do not want to become someone so self-involved that you cannot see past your own wants or have no empathy for others anymore.

It is going to be difficult but you can do it. You have the strength not to let others take advantage of you anymore and at the same time not to disconnect yourself from people. It is time you put yourself up on a pedestal instead of taking care of everyone else.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 29 2008

PAGE OF WANDS. This card is about learning and traveling. What I see in the card today is: That you are very passionate about history, tradition and beliefs. You are looking to be able to travel to other countries to explore and lean more about the history hidden in the sands. You final have the chance to go and do what you love. Take it, you will not have another opportunity like this again. You need to go now well you can, your time there will be limited, as travel will become restricted soon. This is the advantage you need to rise above others in the same field. On top of that you will just have the time of your life digging into the far past, learning about a culture that no longer exists, and people who are distant ancestors of yours.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 28 2008

JUSTICE Reversed. This card is about imbalance. What I see in the card today is: That for some time things in your life has been imbalanced. The imbalance has been growing slowly for a very long time, but only now do you see it. You have to face it now; it is too obvious that things are wrong and that you need to make some changes. The problem is that you have become used to the imbalance and are unsure of how to balance you life out.

All the card is telling me is that you will become aware of the imbalance today, not that you are going to start to make any changes. If anything you are going to resist any changes to bring back balance. You may even go to far and decide that you don’t need balance in your life. The imbalance is there because of what you decided, that you have done what you like, not what needs to be done. Other people have been trying to get you to see that this is not right but you don’t actually care that much. You are willing to give up things to keep doing what you like, even knowing it is not good for you. I don’t see you willingly making any changes right now, you have not hit rock bottom yet.

Yes you can see that things are not right, but until you have no other options left you will keep going down that path. You will justify everything you do until the imbalance is so big that you actually loose everything else you once valued. Your friends and family may or may not be around to help you when you are ready. You are burning a lot of bridges with your actions. However there is nothing I or anyone else can say or do to make you stop and get your life back in order.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 27 2008

THE HANGING DRAGON. This card is about suspended activity: a period of delay. What I see in this card today is: You are tired and you need some tome to rest and recoup. You want some time just for yourself, so you can re-energize and deal with all the turmoil and loss you had to face recently. You want to put everything on hold for a bit until you feel better, and have recovered.

You are the person putting a stop on everything right now. You are giving yourself the break you need, even if it delays everything. Some times you just have to stop and recharge other wise you burn out. You are at that point, if you keep going the way you have you will burn out. This card is telling you that you are doing the right thing for you by resting. It is what you need. If you did not take this time for yourself you would soon burn out and nothing would get done. At least this way things are only delayed until you have gotten the rest you need.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for May 26 2008

KNIGHT OF SWORDS Reversed. This card is usually about the balance of power being in your favour. As the card is reversed the balance of power is not in your favour. In other words you don’t have the power in this situation. What I see in the card today is: You have become so used to fighting and fending off attacks that you see them every where, even when people are just trying to help you or even support you. You are struggling for control of every situation, even ones that you have to reasonable expectation of being able to control. This card is trying to get you to step it down a little. You cannot control everything; you are unable to always be the one in power. You need to accept this and deal with it.

If you don’t accept that there are some things you can control and others you cannot then you are going to spend your whole life trying to control the uncontrollable and never do anything else. It will actually become a neurosis; a need to control every aspect of your life and eventually it will come to control you, not the other way around. Deal with it now. Accept that you are not omnipotent; things happen in life that you cannot plan for or control. Learn to deal with and resolve the things you cannot control. You don’t need to be in power for everything, it is to exhausting trying to control everything and there is no time to enjoy anything.

Today you are starting to be seen as a control freak, that nothing will ever make you happy. People are not going to want to be around someone like this, you will start loosing what support you currently have. People will just see that you are fighting for control again, and will not be able to see when you are actually fighting for something important. Your battles will be lost before you even start if you don’t make some changes now.

Learn to pick your battles, don’t fight to just win or be in control, only fight for what is actually important to you. That way you actually have some energy and time to fight for what is important to you, and you might actually win. However you need to learn when to accept defeat and move on. Stop trying to fight battles that are already won or lost. You have lost sight of what the fight is about; all you care about is winning, having control or power. What is the point of getting something you don’t even want just to win?