Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Dragon Tarot Card Reading for December 7 2013 is the seven of coins

The dragon tarot card of the day is: SEVEN OF COINS. This card is about hard work, but approaching your harvesting time.

What I see in this card today is: You have put some time and effort into getting where you want to be.  You are approaching the completion of this project or effort.  You anticipate a reward or positive outcome.  It is something you look forward to, being able to put your feet up, relax and look back at what you have accomplished.  This card is a reminder card letting you know that you are almost there, keep the focus and put that extra effort into it.  Don't start relaxing or looking back now, you still have a ways to go.  It is also a warning that there is a deadline approaching, you do not have unlimited time to invest into this.  The end of this activity is coming soon, even if yo are not ready.  So understand you will find the end, and will "harvest" what you put into it.  If you did your best, worked hard and did what you needed to you will get the harvest you anticipate.  If you wasted time, did not put the effort into it or let things slid the harvest you will see is probably not anything like what you wanted.  Much like life, what you put into this determines what you get out of it.

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