Monday, December 2, 2013

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day December 3 2013 Eight of Wands

The Dragon Tarot Card of the day is: EIGHT OF WANDS. This tarot card is about things around you speeding up.

What I see in the tarot card today is: There is to much to do and not enough time to get any of it done, let alone all of it.  At least as long as you try to do it all and on your own.  As much passion, drive and even fire you have there is still a limit to your strength, abilities and the time you have to get things done.  There is a need to pick and chose what is the most important to accomplish today.  It could be a task, a goal or even an idea but you have to concentrate on one thing at a time, not trying to do everything at once.  What is most important to you today, getting through a list of things or completing one thing really well.  Life goes fast, make the time to enjoy it.

I like to say that jobs/chores (even shopping) is never done, and for the most part it is not a big issue if something (like dusting) gets missed for a day.  However people and relationships are fragile and fleeting, it is more important to stop what you think you need to do or accomplish today and see what parts of life you are missing.  Don't put off playing with your daughter or son, or making that call to a friend or even your family.  Time goes by extremely fast, so instead of trying to do everything take the time to do something special like having a tea party with your children, or a snow ball fight, or a cup of coffee with a friend.  don't let the fact that things are speeding up make you miss out on real life, as you try to get everything done.  Put down the cell phone or close the computer and look around you.  What do you see.  A lot of people staring at a screen, missing out on so many things.  When they look back they will have spent their time on a phone or computer and not with real people, actually doing things, connecting and building memories.  

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