Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4 2013 Dragon Tarot Card of the Day is the Lovers

The Tarot Card of the day is: THE LOVERS. This tarot card is about intensity in relationships.

What I see in the tarot card today is: Your emotional responses and attachments are going to be stronger then usual today.  You need to be aware of this.  You will seem extra or supper sensitive to others, responding stronger than what you normally do,or the situation warrants.  People may interpret this as you are being moody, or having exaggerated responses to normal every day life stuff.  Because of this you are responding stronger emotionally for both good and bad.  If you likes something or someone you are more likely to respond positively.  So if you are attracted to someone you are more likely to respond to any overtures from that person.  If you don't like someone you are more likely to have a very strong negative response to their very presence.  You are more likely to blow up, loose your temper or say nasty things.

You need to try and keep this internal, your control is limited today and you are very likely to say or do something you will regret tomorrow.  Just because you feel this way today, you probably will not tomorrow.  Or at least you will have better control tomorrow and will not show how you really feel.  You don't want to blow up on your boss and loose your job, or scream at your child for doing something that normally would not bother you very much.

Even when you have positive feelings toward someone it is not always good to be too obvious.  For example it is okay to like someone and go out for coffee as a friend or possible relationship. However  you don't usually want people to know you find someone attractive if you work with them, they are in a relationship or you are.  That can make things very awkward.  You also don't want to let some people know how much you despise or resent them.  People like your boss, or the person who just got the job you wanted because of who they know or are related too, or  your brother in law that you wish would move to the other side of the world.  At times keeping our real feelings under control keeps the peace.  Not saying be a door mat and let people use or abuse you, just try not to over react today and do something you would not normally do because you still need to deal with these people tomorrow.  

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