Monday, December 9, 2013

Dragon Tarot Card Reading of the day for December 9 2013 is the two of cups reversed

The dragon tarot card of the day is: TWO OF CUPS Reversed. This tarot card reversed indicating a lack of change in relationships or a lack of relationships.

What I see in the tarot card today is:You are tired of giving and giving and other people taking and taking.  You are emotionally tired, drained and just empty.  You have nothing more to give emotionally.  You just don't have the energy to stand up to the people using you.  So you just keep letting them do it and there is nothing left for you.  This is not fun, or a good way to live.  You need someone to fulfill you, to make you feel whole, complete, special, valued, appreciated.  But you just don't have the strength or energy to find new people, or invest in more positive relationships.  You need to find someway to change this.  Learn to say no, walk away or at least take some time for yourself (even if it means locking the bathroom door so the kids don't follow you in.)  You will enjoy life more if you start giving yourself some time, put effort into yourself not others all the time.  Yes you still need to do the everyday things, but take the time to do something you like, or just breath, even if it is just 5 minute it will help.

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