Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for October 20 2009

The Tarot Card of the day is The TOWER. The tarot card is about the need to establish very strong foundations in life. What I see in the tarot card today is: You are willing to give up a “sure thing” if you see it as a risk. You are not going to gamble your life, livelihood or security on some ones say so. You are willing to work hard rather than take a risk to get a quick buck. This is a good thing because people will be trying to convince you to take a risk that does not benefit you it just looks like it would. Don’t feel bad about not being a risk taker. You are a smart cookie and should feel good about how you deal with things. Keep being the way you are, you will be smiling for a long time knowing you have security and stability.

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