Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tarot Reading Rates wake up call

I have been doing Tarot readings for over 15 years and I have kept my rate the same all these years. My husband kept telling me I was way undercharging, as did other readers. For some reason I was still charging what I charged when I started out 15 years ago. It never occurred to me that back then I was only charging that because I was just beginning. That was what the person who brought me into doing readings professionally charged.

I have been asked to do Tarot readings at a Halloween party for 90+ people. It is only for three hours so there is no way I could make a dent in to the 90 people. A lot of people would not get a reading done. Three hours is just not enough time. So I suggested that they add an hour. They suggested that they would like a second reader. So I start calling some of the readers I met at PPD this year to see who was not booked up yet and would they be interested in doing the party and what was their party rate.

This was a big eye opener for me and trust me my rates just went up for my individual readings to reflect my experience and accuracy. Once this party is done, my party rates go up as well. I have been so short changing my skills and experience. I am not making this mistake again. Glad I talked to every one and found out how much other people were charging. I have been doing this for 15 years professionally, its time I charged a professional rate.

I am changing my ads tonight. I bet I was not getting many people because they though I was charging so low because I was only worth that much. This is what I get for finally talking with some other readers, a wake up call. My husband is saying - I have been saying this for years, but you don't listen to me but you will list to a stranger. At least I listened.

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