Friday, September 26, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for October 1 2008

SEVEN OF WANDS reversed. This card is usually about the need to cut down your problems one by one. Don’t let them build up, and thereby overwhelm you. This card is reversed indicating that you may not need to deal with problems ASAP or that someone else can resolve them. What I do see in the card today is: You make things that are not problems into problems. You are always trying to fix things or deal with things before they become a problem. You don’t need to do this. You are actually making things worse by assuming that things are going to go wrong or that potential problems are actually going to happen. You live in a life full of conflict, and frustration that you don’t need to have. You are the cause. Let things happen, the worse is not always going to happen. Give people a chance to make mistakes, let go and enjoy life more.

At this point you are trying to deal with things that are not even problems, just worries inside your head. Stop jumping the gun, deal with things when and if the problem actually occurs. I don’t mean that if you think your breaks need fixing that you wait until you hit someone or something, I am taking about the emotional blunders like thinking that your boyfriend or girlfriend might cheat so you should confront them now before they do it and break it off before they can hurt you. Even though he or she has not done anything that you know of. I am also talking about trying to resolve problems at work before they occur. There is nothing wrong with having plans or options for problem resolution, but you keep pushing them before anything is wrong, and end up causing problems instead of fixing things. Planning is fine, but don’t act until there is need to.
You cannot accuse someone of shoplifting just because you think they might shoplift. You have to catch them at it, and then act on it.

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