Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day

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THE HIEROPHANT Power behind the scenes. Also, teachings and teachers entering one’s life. R- Stuck in tradition. Unable to keep up with the times.

This card makes sense seeing as school is starting in the next few days. So a lot of people are going to have teachings and teachers entering their lives, be they the students or the parents.

Today though I see some one who is a manipulator. Some one who can get people to do what they want, and are always behind the scenes. This person in not necessarily a bad person, or trying to get people to do what they want just for the sake of controlling some one. With this person it is more like that they are trying to help some one, trying to steer them in the direction they feel the person should be going. That if some thing needs to be done they can also get it done with out being seen as the one getting it done. They know the right person to say some thing to, who will say some thing to some one else and then the next thing you know it is done. They work behind the scenes. However this person is so used to controlling and manipulating situations and people that they do it with out thinking about what other people need or want. They get so caught up on how they feel things should be that they don’t see what other people want. They just assume that their way is the only way. This is when problems arise.

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