Monday, September 3, 2007

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day – Reversed The High Priestess

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THE HIGH PRIESTESS Be guided by your intuition. R-Superstitious, deluded.

Normally when the card is face up it is for some one who is well grounded, has good insight, and even better instincts. The card was reversed which indicates that this person is more interested in the end results of their actions so they don’t take the time to see what their actions will actually result in. They take leaps of faith with out looking at what they are getting into. This person does not succeed because they don’t put the work into it, they expect instant results and when they don’t get it they think it is some one else’s fault, it is never theirs. They don’t grow or learn from their mistakes because as far as they can see they did not make any. They have bad instincts, poor relations due to a lack of insight. They are disconnected from nature and have no sense of balance in their lives or with in themselves. They use all their energy and well lives on the wrong things, the end result or goal is more important then the life they live today. They miss out on all the things that make today worth living for, because they cannot see it, and if they ever do reach that goal it is empty and hollow and they don’t know why. It is good to have a goal in life, a dream but you still have to live in today. If you know some one like this limit your involvement, as they tend to drag every one around them down, they take and use or blame others around them.

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