Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day – King of Cups

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KING OF CUPS An emotionally mature man, capable of giving and receiving love.

What I see in this card is a loner, who likes to be on his own a lot, independent but at the same time can still be part of a group. Tends to be a leader not a follower. Likes night, works best at night. Tends to carry other peoples emotions on his back, in other words sensitive and empathetic but at the same times tends to take responsibility or feel responsible for other peoples emotions. They put their emotions to the side to protect others and can be misunderstood and lonely. He has been hurt emotionally by some one who just does not understand him, and that he has such strong emotions - Not the stereotypical male image people have about men and their emotions. Because he is a bit of a loner and a leader, very independent he is often perceived as not having the emotional depth, so people miss it our disregard it. They only see the tip of the ice burg and don’t investigate further.

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