Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Medieval Magic will be merchanting at Its Your Festival this weekend

For any one in the Hamilton area, and who likes our web site Medieval Magic, we will be merchants at It’s Your Festival this weekend. This is going to be the only big festival we do this year. We are going to be located by the greenhouses, in area 34 – see map. Every one keeps saying it is going to be a good festival this year. We are hoping to see lots of our customers face to face over the weekend. We are gong to have a festival sale on our incense, 100 for $5.00 (half off). We will have a sign up sheet to sign up for our monthly newsletter. We usually put a coupon in for 10% off purchases on the web site, or what special we have that month, so it is worth signing up.

For those who know us, you know that what we have on the web site is about 10% of what we actually have, so you will always find more at the festivals then on the web site. I am trying to catch up with the web site, we just end up spending our time making things and not as much time putting them one the web site. Once It’s Your Festival is over I will put some more items out onto the web site.
Hope to see you at It’s Your Festival this weekend

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