Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Get these free dragon pictures before the site goes down.

I love dragons. I found this great website about a year ago, Now it seems that the domain may be for sale but you can still get to the pictures if you go through the link I just gave and not the link to the home page. If you love dragons I would go to this site and get as many pictures as you can before they are gone. You will get an annoying ad that was not there before. Just close it and get the pictures. We are talking 1000’s of them. I am going to see how many I can get before I loose the chance. There are pictures here I had never seen before and others that I just love. Lots of book covers and such. I hope people can get to the pictures before the site is all gone. I hope I am wrong about the domain and site, but I don’t think so because if you hit the link to dragon resource center it takes you to a page that said this domain may be for sale. It is sad when such a wonderful site goes by by.

I found the link to about 10000 coloured pictures, It was hard to find as I kept getting domain may be for sale.

Please let other people know about this site before it is to late to get some of the pictures.

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