Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for September 3 2009

The Tarot Card of the day is: SIX OF CUPS Reversed. This tarot card is usually about learning about living in harmony with those around you. The tarot card is reversed indicating that you don’t need to learn about living in harmony with those around you, or you may need to learn to live with disharmony.

What I see in the tarot card today is: You are emotionally drained. You are not as politically correct or willing to go with the flow or compromise as you usually are. Today you wake up and realize none of that has been helping.

There is a fine point between maintaining harmony and being taken advantage of. You have been letting people walk all over you in the effort to keep everyone happy, or at least avoid conflict. You are not doing yourself any favours doing this. Stop.

It is not your responsibility to always be the one to give things up or do extra work to keep the harmony. It is not all on you, stop taking it on yourself. Let others be responsible for themselves and their actions.

Put yourself first today. Don’t take things just so that you don’t make waves. Today make as many waves as you need to so that you can establish the fact that you are no one’s wiping boy, servant or door mate. You don’t have to be mean, cruel or even rude. Just be firm, say no and draw the line in the sand and hold fast to your resolve.

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