Monday, February 8, 2010

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for February 10, 2010

The Tarot Card of the day is NINE OF CUPS Reversed. This tarot card is usually about experiencing life as a celebration. The tarot card is reversed indicating life is anything but a celebration. What I see in the tarot card today is: You are drained. There is not much left emotionally. You don’t have the energy to care. You know you should at least be affected by the things going on around you. You want to be a better parent, lover and successful in life, but right now you really don’t care about any of it. You need to take a break, recharge and find some happiness. You have been struggling for so long, with no end in sight. It is no wonder that you are burnt out, empty emotionally and feel life is anything but a celebration. Snap out of it. It does not have to be this way. There are things to appreciate and enjoy even in the hell you call your life right now. All you have to do is start looking for them and you will see them. There are more then what you would expect. They just are not the big things that are easy to spot and appreciate. Right now you have to work at finding things to be happy about. But if you try and start now it will get easier, and so will your life.

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