Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for September 8 2009

The Tarot Card of the day is: EIGHT OF CUPS. This tarot card is about looking for something on a much deeper level. What I see in the tarot card today is: You want something that is more emotional fulfilling. Not for the moment, but something deeper and more substantial. Fun is fine, but not all that you want or need. You want to feel as if you are part of something, having an impact and are valued, not convenient or an insignificant part of the process.

What I see is that you are currently seeking this, you don’t have it yet. To be blunt if you don’t seek you will not find. Don’t accept anything less then what you are looking for. Do not settle. It is more important to take the time to find what you are seeking. Don’t just take the first options that kind of give you what you want but not really. What is the point in that, you will still be in the same place you are now, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. It is better to take the time and put the effort into getting what you really want, even if it is in the future instead of accepting was is available now because it is easier and quicker. You want quality, only accept quality.

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