Friday, January 16, 2009

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for January 1 2009

QUEEN OF SWORDS. This card is about a determined woman, but with a barrier between her and others. What I see in the card today is: A woman who has been hurt in the past who would like to be able to let others close, to be able to share and even love again. However the emotional damage is too much right now. She needs to do a lot of healing before she will be able to trust again. It may be months or even years if she does not get the emotional help she needs. At this point she is determined to get on with her life as if nothing has happened or changed, but she does not see the damage because she is trying to hid from it or deny that it ever happened. It is hard to heal what you don’t acknowledge. It is going to be difficult to deal with her or even help her. She is going to be pushing everyone away, one because people are expecting her to deal with things she would like to pretend never happened and second because she is pushing everyone away before they can hurt her. I don’t know how you can help her, other than just being there for her and making sure she does not hurt herself trying to pretend the past never was. It is a new year, and she has the chance to make a new beginning or start if she was just willing to try.

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