Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for December 20 2008

TWO OF SWORDS. This card is about indecision. What I see in the card today. I see that it is not so much about indecision for you so much as balance. You are trying to keep or create balance in your life. You are having a hard time letting go of one thing and fully grasping or committing yourself fully to anything else. Everything is being done in half measures, trying to keep things “fair”. This is not working; you are harming yourself or holding yourself back trying to keep things balanced and even. You cannot commit yourself fully so you are bound to fail or at least not succeed the way you could. If you only do a half-assed job you don’t get credit for doing a great job, the same goes with relationships and friendships. If you are not committed to it, the relationship or friendship, it is not going to go anywhere. If to get through today the best way possible you need to keep balance or compromise then that is fine, but not if it becomes a way of life.

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