Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for October 31 2008

KING OF COINS Reversed. This card is usually about a man at the top of his trade or profession as it is reversed it is about someone who is not at the top of his or her trade or profession. What I see in the card today is: people doing what they have to so they can survive. This is all about the money, not about pride or a feeling of accomplishment in their job or title, but in that they can pay the rent and put food on the table. This card is about all the people working crappy jobs, and second or third jobs just to live and support their families. The card is trying to give you all a big standing ovation for doing what you are doing. You don’t love it, you don’t even like it but it is what you have to do for now. You and those around you should feel pride in you. Your job is not who you are and is not what earns you respect. The fact that you are willing to work this hard just to survive, and not give up like so many others have earns you respect and is something you should be proud of. Too much depends on your next paycheque and you going to work everyday. You have sacrificed a lot, and will continue to do so, so that others can have dreams. Recognize that is success and celebrate it. You have my respect because you go every day into a job you don’t want to be doing, that is a lot harder to do then it is for one of those people who go to work everyday because they love their job. The fact that you go to work because you have not because you want to should be honoured and acknowledge. You are putting others before your own happiness. Your family and commitments define, you not what you do for employment. Stand up and be proud.

Happy Halloween, enjoy and be safe.

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