Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for September 22 2008

SIX OF CUPS Reversed. This card is usually about learning about living in harmony with those around you. It is reversed indicating you need to learn how to live with out being in harmony with those around you. What I see in the card today is: Go your own way, your own path. Nothing you are ever going to do is going to make everyone happy. What is more important, your happiness or others? Only you can decide that. What are you willing to give up to make others happy? What are you not willing to change or give up? Should you really have to stop being yourself and sacrifice yourself? It all depends on what is important to you and you know it. This is not so much about living in harmony or disharmony it is about finding out what decision is the right one for you. Compromise is the key today, though it is only for today, you have to choose what you are going to do. Neither one of you is going to be happy but at least now you have something to work on. A chance to figure things out, what do you value more right now being happy doing your own thing or someone else happiness? It is not going to be easy but you need to deal with it today so you can resolve it tomorrow. No mater what you do you are going to lose something, have to give up something that makes you happy.

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