Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love being the tarot card reader at parties

It does not matter if it is a Stag & Doe, Baby Shower, Birthday, Retirement, Graduation or even a dinner party. They are all fun, with lots of positive energy and people do say my tarot readings make the event unusual and unique. Though I did find the two wedding receptions I have done readings at to be the most interesting in the diversity of people and readings. I guess that is because weddings bring together people from all over, all different ages and stages in life.

At the wedding receptions I did readings in a side room as people arrived until dinner was served and then again after dinner until the dancing was done for the night. When I was booked for the first wedding reception I was not sure how well it would go over. I ended up being busy doing readings from the very beginning to the end with a bit of a line up at some points. There was about an hour delay with food service and I ended up having a lot of people get their readings done as they waited until the catering company had the food ready. People even wanted readings during dinner because people at their table had it done before dinner and told everyone at their table about it. When dinner was over I had a lot of people wanting readings done. It worked out great for everyone and was a lot of fun for me.

I like being able to give people the answers they need. Also seeing the surprise on peoples faces as I answer a question I don’t even know. It is fun to hear people talking about how fun it was and how scary accurate my readings are as they compare notes.

Some people will chicken out once they learn that my card readings are true and accurate. They just don’t want to know. Others will grab my business card with plans of having their own party, a group or private reading, or to give to friends and family. Word of mouth is how I get most of my bookings. I think that is the way it should be, people letting other people know about a psychic or tarot reader, good or bad. The good get the bookings, the bad don’t, and that saves people time and money.

I have just expanded the area I will do tarot parties and corporate events in. It now includes Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. I will go further if transportation is provided. I decided to increase the area two weeks ago. According to the hostess of the last party I did none of the other local tarot readers she contacted were willing to give a party rate. They all wanted to be paid per reading. That is ok by me. I guess I will just end up doing more parties. Good thing I have fun doing them.

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