Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for September 12 2008

THE HANGING DRAGON. This card is about suspended activity: a period of delay. What I see in the card today is: Frustration and tired of waiting. You know that this is out of your hands and nothing you can do or say is going to speed things up or change the outcome. But you are tired of waiting. You would like to be able to move on, get back to living and doing instead of holding up your life and waiting. You have grown tired of this and desperately want a change. It is not going to happen today. Today is just one more day of waiting. Nothing is going to be resolved today. However you need to find a way to enjoy the break. You are so caught up on the lack of control and waiting that you are not taking the time to enjoy anything around you. You have a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset and everything in-between but you are so worn out that you are missing it all. You know things our out of your control so enjoy the things that are, like what you do well your waiting to get control back and get on with your life. You are spending so much time and energy thinking about what you don’t have you are missing out on what you do have.

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