Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for September 7 2008

TWO OF SWORDS. This card is about indecision. What I see in the card today is: you have a hard decision to make, you are trying to make it today but you are not ready yet. You have two very difficult options open to you, neither one you want to take. You are hoping another option will become available that will let you keep things balanced. You are leaning toward one option but would like to keep the other option or pathway open. You know once you committee to one path that is it; the other option is no longer there. You need to spend some time thinking today. You are angry and full of resentment that you have been put into this position but you don’t see any other ways out. You have things to deal with and right now you need a real friend. Dealing with things, coming clean and telling your side and living with the consequences is the better path to follow.

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