Monday, August 11, 2008

Dragon Tarot Card of the Day for August 11 2008

SIX OF WANDS. This card is about Victory, successful attainment of your objectives. What I see in the card today is that you will get your way today, you will win. However you may not recognize it as winning. You get your way today but the truth is that you are still trying to figure out what you actually want. You thought getting your way was what was important but now you are not so sure. You need to figure out what you are fighting for, to be right or to work something out. At this point you are fighting just to be right, that does not fix things nor will it make you happy. You need to find out what is actually worth being right about and then fight for it. You may have won this time, got your way but you are loosing the war because you only see each fight as being independent, not part of a bigger picture. All you care about is winning each one, getting your way with out though of the long-term effects this has. Winning is more important to you then what you are actually trying to win, get your way, or be right about. What is the point of winning if you are pushing away the very thing/person you are trying to keep as part of your life? What is so important about being right over something small if you make an enemy or hurt someone in the process? What is the cost of winning?

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